As a B2B marketing agency that faces the challenges of this digital world right next to our clients, we understand that it might seem like the growth of your competitors is making some of them are stronger than ever.

But there’s no need to panic! As long as you have that “it” factor that makes you stand out, you can offer something your competitors cannot. So, go ahead and ask yourself an important question: what makes your business stand out? 

With all the services available online and the information at our fingertips, potential customers are more savvy and conservative while looking for a solution to their business issues.

These drives them to look for different options that enable them to adapt to the changing trends and needs. Only those that add value by leading with progress will have an impact in their fields.

 So, what are clients looking for? Brands that will understand them and their contexts that are specialized and can be trusted. 

 To be able to play an active role and be their option, you first must have a differentiator. That means you have to find your differentiator in your business area that will separate you from all others. It could differ from something unique (a specific solution or service) to a unique way of delivering your brand/service that will inspire clients to recommend and be loyal to you.

Help your values and strengths stand out from the competition to fulfill your client’s specific solution requirements.  

The next big step for your brand is to choose a differentiator strategy that will help you stand out, taking special care in adding value to your clients. Being hard for competitors to duplicate while being relevant to a large portion of the market to remain profitable. Here are some tips to start defining your differentiator:


  1. Be truthful: You must find something your brand or service lives by and can be deliverable.
  2. Validity: Clients will doubt the claims you make and, unless they can find reliable recommendations, awards, or proof, they will probably not trust in your differentiator.

  3. Significance: Listen to your current clients! Find out if what you are claiming is something that adds value to them and your relationship so that it makes a difference.


If you’ve passed these initial steps, you are ready to start your brand building strategy through your different assets to provide the correct exposure and start gaining new business. 

Remember: For your differentiator to be successful, it needs to be something that is unlike most others and appeals specifically to your target audience. 

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